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travel the world with EZY!

Travelling abroad can be fun or stressful, but it should be an exciting experience if well managed. Being in a foreign land may not always be easy though, eating, shopping, local sightseeing and searching intercom path of travel which can be spoil by underlines financial planning. Not to mention the risk of facing the financial challenges in a foreign land. Especially checks or cash conversions and even possibly cash quarantine, following the outbreak of COVID-19. But it doesn’t have to be that way, there has to be a better way and there’s a better way.

Don’t let all the technicality drive you up the wall to last minute, leave it to EsyStays and gear up for your next stress-free vacation. Be it an apartment for a night, a house for a week-long, or a villa for a month, EzyStayz guarantees a unique travel experience in over 34,000 cities located in 190 countries around the world.

How would you like a seamless cross-border forex conversion, travel incentives, loyalty rewards, integrated gaming experience, a cheaper, easier, safer and fairer accommodation booking system?

Do you know that and Expedia account for 80% of all online bookings?

That is due to their multi-chain distributors at the expense of the traveller who ends up paying ridiculous high commission to the booking platform whom often take advantage of their monopolistic position and rate parity agreements to secure unfair commissions to themselves, a hotel booking of $100 will likely cost you additional $20 booking commissions plus up to $5 distributor’s fare.

compare and search for better deals

You see, that’s not something any informed person will like to continue doing especially in the blockchain era. Ezystayz use of blockchain smart contract and decentralization automates bureaucratic procedures to change the logic behind the legacy rental system and establish new sustainable standards that benefit travellers and property owns and further eliminate all cost arising from the chain of distributors.

Since founded in 2016, EzyStayz has quickly become Australia’s biggest global holiday rental platform, — an exciting place that let people meet, connect, explore and travel in style without limitations. EzyStayz 2.0 is granting the global crypto community direct access to short and long-term vacation rental opportunities. Powered by its native token “EZY” — a borderless digital currency to speed up the process of matching hotels and property owners with suitable global travellers in a peer-to-peer manner that is, commission-free and zero-fees.

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Travel the world and you will find, EzyStayz can’t be beaten on special deals. Should you find a better deal or cheaper bookings elsewhere, EzyStayz will refund the difference — with gratitude of discovering a hidden competition.

best deals you won’t find anywhere else

People often argue what stopping established market leaders from implementing the same blockchain solutions. Here’s the truth, they just can’t let go of the fat commissions, — and that’s unlikely to change for any company whose business model is commission-based, as long as people keep paying it.

Someone says, who could be against something so good as blockchain. Well there you have it!

But here’s another facts, middlemen starts from governments down to your next-door kid. Big-tech and financial institutions — in the name of facilitators, only facilitate their own bank accounts. Bank tools are the closest to the hanging man’s nose. You see, that’s a lot for one revolutionary technology to take on. But the revolution is well worth it for humanity.

EzyStayz is here to revolutionize the way we host, travel and explore. — Thanks to blockchain revolutionary tools. This is powerful for hosts as it is, for hotels and travellers.

Hosts can

leverage EzyStayz blockchain solutions to quickly gain secure access to the huge hospitality market currently dominated by big hotel chains and small AirBnBs in partnerships with tour operators and travel agencies. This is simply the easiest way to monetise your spare space and share it with the world around you.

Hotel management can get better

even a small group of hackers can bring a big corporation to its knees

Even a small group of hackers can bring a big corporation to its knees, blockchain immutability can aid in running hotels more efficiently by keeping a traceable decentralized record of every transaction between guests and hotels and to simplify payment that is presently complicated especially when dealing with forex conversions.

And for Travellers

EzyStayz website, Andriod and iOS app makes it easier for travellers to quickly find suitable and affordable accommodation globally, — discover afresh little-known local secrets in neighbourhoods around the world, connect with a diverse community of hosts and guests, and be inspired by holiday rentals that changes the way the world travellers stays!

But it doesn’t end there, how about a gaming treat for already stress-free booking platform?

Well, EzyStayz team does not want you to miss out on the world biggest entertainment while on the go, — ranging from video games, blackjack, multiple slot machines, roulette, lottery and many other exciting games and you can actually win EZY tokens to fund your travelling experience or better still become a Jackpot winner! When this happens, come back here for a tip!

The game protocols are based on blockchain as designed by EzyStayz team, winners are generated from the blockchain itself, so you can be sure of total transparency.

And that still not all! — In practical, EzyStayz community members enjoy value-added instant tokenized rewards in EZY token, for booking services on the platform — up to 40% discount on hotels and bonus games to boost their EZY token accumulation.


EzyStayz blockchain innovation connects travellers and hosts through a smart contract platform that is decentralized, immutable and transparent. It is a solution that dramatically reduces transaction costs and corruption that accompany centralization and protects customer privacy.

In the spirit of this business model, EzyStayz 2.0 is well-positioned - thus, present good opportunities to early adopters. Don’t miss out on the IEO, find out if it’s still on-going using any of the links below:

Inspired by EzyStayz — Bitcointalk profile: c_okenwa



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