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If you travel back in time, not very far — just between the five stages of human development according to anthropologist Leslie Alvin White: In the first stage, people use the energy of their own muscles to work out energy resources. In 2nd stage, they use the energy of domesticated animals. In 3rd stage, they use the energy of plants — (known as the agricultural revolution). In 4th stage, people learn to use the energy of natural resources: coal, gas and oil. In the 5th stage, people harness nuclear energy…

Fast forward to the blockchain technology (disruptive innovation) era as we know it today, the human social structure has once again shifted into a digitalized structure — a revolutionary decentralized working structure and more.

The point is, just as the industrial revolution led to massive growth in the human population (WOW market can actually demand anything it dim fit and get its supply - including “human beings”), the advancement in information technology also led to the advancements in the economic system and wealth distribution in a global atmosphere. People now come together and even work together in a virtue environment regardless of their geo-location due to the advent of the Internet and technological advancement.

But there’s a problem!

As the modern world became more and more reliant on the digitalized environment, its survival relies on the supply of the required resources “computing power”. The problem is, the globalize digital world is running out of these computer processing power, due to the incessant inventions of new technologies which in turn demands more and more computing power.

How about the data centres? … You say!

A conventional data centre

Well, you may as well forget the conventional data farms, it’s 2019! They just can’t accommodate the requirements, they simply can’t keep up with the global demand anymore.

And here’s the biggie!...

Back in 2018 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the CEO of Microsoft told the world that superfast quantum computers are needed to solve some of the world most difficult problems namely “climate change”. However, he cautioned that it can’t be done without an increase in computing capacity, following his earlier warning that “the world is rapidly running out of computer processing power”. Sources

There’s clearly fire on the mountain here, and as the saying goes… “when your house is on fire, you can’t have a cat chase right?” Well, not if your homes are fully decentralized!

If you haven’t figured that one out by now then don’t worry, I will explain more on my next article, for now, let’s see if we can agree on a possible solution for the rapidly growing demands for computing resources.

I took a delve into a platform that seems to have figured-it-all-out and equally has formulated an innovative solution through the worldwide gaming community.

Let’s see how is positioned to resolve these global computing capacity problem.

Here’s how, instead of building more dedicated data farms that cost billions of dollars to develop, Gaimin is bridging between these worldwide demands for computing power and the largest dormant supply of GPU processing power belonging to the global gaming community of 1.3 billion high-speed Internet-connected PCs, to satisfy the current and the future needs for computing power. Simple!

But, why hasn’t anyone thought about this earlier? That’s because the traditionalist who runs the data centres are not innovators, simple!

And why gamers?

Why not gamers?.. according to Gainmin research — “There are currently 1.3 billion PC gamers globally. Approximately 400 million of them have what can be considered an advanced GPU (graphics processing card for PC gaming).

The founder, president and CEO of Nvidia refers to these graphics cards as a “supercomputer”, saying that “Every gamer has a supercomputer in their PC

A gamer

Which means that gaming is not just the largest entertainment industry on the planet but also in possession of the largest untapped supply of processing power in the world today.

Gaming PCs has also been proven effective in solving cryptography puzzles due to high-level consumer-grade CPU’s and GPU’s, which makes them ideal for mining cryptocurrencies.

The gaming community is also known to be first mover and adopter of all things online and the leading industry in blockchain adoption, gamers embraced the value of digital gold and in-game digital assets many years down the line before anyone else. Which means gamers are better positioned than the rest of the world.

This is perhaps one of the most fascinating ideas I have personally encountered in the blockchain space, the concept is proven and easy to demonstrate with validation and Alpha results.

But why would a fanatic gamer care?

Well, the Gaimin project got it all figured out long before now, the team was able to identify the gamers’ biggest problem and puzzled-out a sustainable solution to gamers while resolving an urgent need in the global digital world.

“How do you normally fund a gaming experience?”, that’s a few thousand dollar questions for a typical gamer.

I’m a professional gamer and have been a gamer since age 9, to be very honest it was an “aha moment” when I first heard about the Gaimin concept, that is because I have been looking for this since the uprise of blockchain technology!

The cost of a gaming PC, accessories and setup can run up to a few thousand dollars, plus new games, in-game purchases, hardware and software upgrades. Which indeed makes it a very expensive hobby!

If you’re as excited as a gamer as I am, perhaps, you’ve realized that Gaimin concept got you covered, in exchange for your powerful computing resources that are normally idle when you are not gaming, the end results my friend, are autonomic and passive monetization of your “supercomputer” when idle.

Gaimin is also a one-stop-shop for all your digital asset needs, which means you can use your newly minted cryptocurrency to buy other digital assets or simply sell your old ones via industry connected Gaimin community marketplace.

Oh!.. you don’t believe me? Ah… “the old cliché “too good to be true”… Well, this is a blockchain world, where too good to be true(s) often is!

Ok… Don’t take my word for it, check-out Gaimin’s mission statement below:

Gaimin Vision/Mission statement

As a gaming enthusiast, it feels like a dream, buying my favourite games without spending my usual budget.

Blockchain Mining as a Proof of Concept

The Gaimin platform software developers have developed and successfully tested the concept using blockchain mining for monetization as the phase one of the platform development which allowed them to fully test the concept with real-world data of 100 Alpha users.

The development is currently in Alpha version, CGI rendering is next in the platform development phases.

According to what I saw in the Gaimin’s blockchain mining results, the Gaimin mining software is changing the game of crypto mining which is usually complex and technical. In fact, many crypto mining interfaces looks like a nuclear reactor 1.0, with Gaimin we now have the next-generation mining software with one-click download and install, fully pre-configured plus auto-conversion to “stable coin” to mitigate crypto market high volatility.

The blockchain mining is fully managed by the platform A.I. that auto monitor all factors that affect a coin mining profitability! A gamer does not need prior mining knowledge that is because the Gaimin software uses machine learning to analyze all relevant data available on the gamer pc and connect it with continuous management and optimization to produce optimal mining results.

If you put all that together, what you get is “the world first, next-generation fully distributed & automated blockchain mining network leveraging the most powerful decentralized supercomputers and software empowered by A.I.” to satisfy an urgent need in the global digital world.

This is the most operational method for mining on the blockchain and it does not affect gaming performance. Just like, “to get two rich sons-in-law with one beautiful daughter”!

How valuable is your project?

If you haven’t heard and want to know how successful Gaimin tech is going to be, just look at its first initial exchange offering (IEO) which completely sold out in minutes at the South Korea based cryptocurrency exchange Borabit. 2,000,000 tokens allocated to the IEO was sold out in just 15 minutes. You can, of course, read for yourself here.

The massive demands for GMRX token during and post-IEO truly signify and justifies the intent and ambition of this project, attracting smart monies, blockchain enthusiast and gamers in 900 seconds, isn’t fly by night project!

Shut up and take my money!

Gaimin may launch another IEO following its social media bombardment post-first-IEO by investors who weren’t able to get in before they sold out.

This is a sponsored article written for a bounty reward. Bounty0x profile: bitbounty

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