TerraCredit DAO is Taking Financial Inclusion to the World’s Unbanked

Source: TerraCredit

Digital currency has made significant progress since the introduction of bitcoin back in 2009. However, it has been a constant struggle to breakthrough mainstream. While there are many valid stumbling blocks, the following two have the industry experts believed to be the most difficult barriers:

1. Digital currencies are complex for mainstream

Many believe that average people lack the knowledge and technical know-how needed in the blockchain and crypto industry. Be it booting up a decentralized application or sending transactions between persons, the whole process is never intuitive.

2. Digital currencies are difficult to use as money

In diverse places around the world, a person can not just walk down the street and make use of cryptocurrency to buy a cup of coffee, goods or services. This is because one can not easily make use of digital currency in everyday transactions as you would with a bank card or fiat currencies. In a way, digital currencies are not relevant to how people operate in the real world.

With that in mind, Daniele Ronchese the founder of TerraCredit DAO embark to make digital currencies less complex by crafting and deploying a simple to use payment system without raising a single dollar from investors. Instead, he experimented the project as a passion, when he finally cracked the code he launched mainnet and gave 30 billion coins away for free.

I personally consider these kind act, unusual in the business world especially in crypto space however, that was the key network effect.

Source: Terra Credit website

For those unaware of this innovative project, the Terra Foundation and its decentralized payment platform TerraCredit seeks to catalyze on the general adoption of cryptocurrencies, making it as easy to transact and user-friendly than even fiat-based payment systems. And they are speedily succeeding where banks failed.

The key focus of TerraCredit is taking financial inclusion to the world’s unbanked population and to provide a borderless payment ecosystem beyond fiat money and a wallet that earn people more Credit. CREDIT is the native currency of the TerraCredit ecosystem, it serves to facilitate instant and pretty much free payment anywhere in the world.

TerraCredit is giving millions of non-crypto individuals around the world the benefits of using cryptocurrencies in daily life and have many products to thank for it.

The Hallmark Terra Credit Ecosystem

Since mainnet launch back in 2018 Terra Credit has functioned flawlessly with eight innovative products which include:

1. MiniPOS: MiniPOS is a user-friendly web-based staking wallet which allows users to stake Credit and earn a passive income without the need for technical know-how. Thanks to Terra Credit in-house proof of stake system that automatically stakes users Credit balance.

2. Terra.Credit: Terra.Credit is the Credit native blockchain explorer which is the decentralized public ledger of every transaction on the network. Just like Bitcoin blockchain transaction is transparent and immutable, the same goes with all Credit transactions.

3. Terra Hub: Terra-hub is incentivized social network where community members can leverage the social media campaign to earn Credits. Meaning that users can participate in the Terra Credit social media micro-task and get rewarded in Credit token.

4. The Tellus Ecosystem — that is, Tellus-pay and Tellus-merchant which offers unbanked users direct access to a digital wallet and payment platform that support fiat such as “Naira” and “Rand” in addition to crypto and MiniPOS for staking Credit tokens.

5. Terra Mart: Terra-mart is a function of Tellus Ecosystem — a zero fee shopping marketplace which ultimately gets merchants up and running with their own personalized e-commerce store and URL. The zero fees’ is made possible when using Credit to buy or sell.

6. Terra Wallet: Terra Wallet is a suite of wallets to store and manage Credit, from desktop versions to web and mobile app. The android version is probably the most powerful weapon since the unbanked individuals are widely exposed to smartphones especially android.

7. TerraceX: TerraceX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange — a gateway to the global cryptocurrencies where Terra products users can exchange Credit for other cryptocurrencies with spot and stop/loss trading features, plus 100% fee rebate via referral program.

8. Terra Dax: Terra Dax is a native trading application — a cutting-edge tool that allows traders to connect all their trading terminals in one single user-friendly interface via API. If you are an arbitrageur, this tool can help you maximize arbitraging opportunities.

Terra Credit 2.0 is coming on August 1st 2020 as planned, with new features such as “Masternode”. The hard fork will slash Credit coin supply from 70 billion to 70 million or 1000:1 ratio through automatic coin swap. This hard fork will also upgrade Credit to a DAO based system with masternode governance and POS staking.


Terra Credit is a life-changing blockchain payment system,— digital money that’s better than cash, it can’t be contaminated. Credit is portable, instant, global and easy to use. The team set out to make digital currencies less complex and user-friendly by everyday persons especially the world’s unbanked. Consequently, thousands of unbanked individuals now live from Terra Credit passive income and can buy and sell their services with a single click in a censorship-resistant ecosystem.

Find out how things are turning out with TerraCredit 2.0 using the links below:

Inspired by TerraBit concept — Bitcointalk profile: c_okenwa



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