Nash is More than a DEX Exchange

To invent is to innovate, with the advent of the internet we have broken centuries of information control by those in authority and set up platforms where ordinary people can freely communicate and seek out information on literally anything and everything without the usual gatekeepers.

The new era of the internet is blockchain internet — a revolutionary freedom tool deeply disruptive of the financial status quo. For centuries, we have been conditioned to think of money as something government and banks must control at considerable cost to ourselves. But blockchain throws all that history out of the window by enabling anyone to step into an economy beyond banks and to transact with people anywhere in the world cheaply and instant.

Consider this: with blockchain, you can actually be your own bank since blockchain is a global distributed ledger that is able to record and verify ownership and transfer of assets (significantly on distributed finance) without the need for a trusted third party like a financial institution. Just as the internet structure has been progressively overlaid with useful applications the blockchain has been overlaid with sophisticated ways of managing financial assets without the usual gatekeepers. is a good case study of this innovation when it comes to distributed finance.

If you happen to be around during the ICO craze then you need no further introduction to Nash project (formally Neon), as it’s one of those most sought-after and difficult to get in ICOs. I must confess, I missed out despite all my efforts to get in, though my failure was because Nash conducted its public offering on the NEO blockchain and I was not very familiar with NEO network at the time.

For everyone else, Nash is a revolutionary non-custodial exchange that combines the security of distributed ledgers with the speed and functionality of traditional services founded in 2017 by the founders of City of Zion. Nash is a perfect example of a fintech company using blockchain as infrastructure for the financial services of the next generation.

The old generation systems or traditional services, usually sacrifice security to achieve performance while remaining vulnerable to hacks or insolvency. Billions of dollars are lost every year, as hackers continue to innovate and outpace these systems. To use these systems is to entrust them with your assets — giving up the custodianship of your assets, to continue doing so, is naive! It is called — “a single point of failure”. Of course, the current blockchain development state pushes people to trade convenience over security.

But hey, it is 2020, and Elon Musk’s two astronauts just landed in the space station — can’t we just have it both? I mean convenient and security!

Well, with Nash, you can!

With Nash you maintain custody of your funds, your private keys are encrypted on your computer. Nash proprietary matching engine is itself a distributed system which adds extra protection to your assets without sacrificing the speed and volume (convenience) of centralized exchanges.

Isn’t it amazing to overcome the difficulty of use and slowness of Blockchain-based exchanges? Nash innovators, innovates all that with speed and intuitive interfaces, accessible to anyone. Even newbies can buy and sell with a single click via the basic interface.

basic interface

The Pro interface is fully equipped with all the features traders know and love.

Nash has implemented many distinctive features but the one below is outstanding — a non-custodial protocol based on state channels. This literally allows users to trade unwrapped Bitcoin at the speed of light! For competitors, this, is, a tall-order! Nash is simply a first-mover.

trade unwrapped bitcoin

So next time someone pitches you about wrapped bitcoin protocol, ask them if that’s the best they could do since blockchain Genesis Block. Though I must admit, it took Satoshi 3 years to fix the double-spending problem following the Bitgold attempt in 2005. The point is, we need many more unusual and fast thinking innovators like this one, in order to effectuate mainstream adoption.

Nash Funds Management interface also set the standard for clarity. Aren’t you tired of multiple deposit and withdrawal pages like everyone else? Well, Nash brought them together in one interface so that you can easily move funds between the exchange and your wallet. Balances and trading histories are neatly presented as well— keeping it simple to track and view your portfolio.

Buzz about Nash Trading App?

All-in-one solution

That’s right! Not all trading apps are coded equally. This is Nash non-custodial mobile wallet plus a trading app in one palm — keeping different blockchain (crypto) assets in one safe place! You can monitor your portfolio and track the performance of individual assets. (If you’re used to blockfolio as many of us are, then you already know the importance of this feature) The difference is that Nash-mobile is a non-custodial trading app with all the useful features that are previously not possible with DEX. You can also purchase digital assets with local currencies, the currency conversion is automated on the Nash system. Or simply trade digital currencies with Nash web advanced tools enabled on the go!

Are You a Merchant?

Nash Pay is here, it makes accepting digital assets easier and simple. Money can be transferred instantly and directly from P2P. That is because Nash mobile connects wallets seamlessly to Nash Pay.

Your customer has Ethereum but you prefer Bitcoin, deal or no deal? Deal! Cryptocurrency conversion on Nash Pay is possible and automated, you can even configure your account to convert just a portion of your received assets. But here’s the best part, Nash Pay is zero-fee and open source to assist development and adoption and that’s a true spirit of decentralization.

How about Law & Order?

Bingo! I am glad you asked!

Nash is US and EU compliant. And it’s only a few law compliant exchanges out there. Nash believes that legal compliance is key to growing digital finance and aim to be maximally compliant while educating regulators on the benefits of distributed finance, and actively engaging lawmakers to bring about the future faster to ensure distributed solutions achieve mass adoption. And Nash security token “NEX,” says it all.

Nash is the first in crypto space to offer it’s exchange token NEX as digital security token via public offering and fully registered in the EU. This means that Nash investors are protected from market manipulations, including fraud and insider trading. Thereby establishing the legal ground for Nash to share its exchange revenue with investors.

Now that we’re on the same page about Nash. Do you know, you could help build it. Nash is hiring and values excellence in every form irrespective of location or demographics and does provide funds for office or co-working space and travel opportunities.

Oh Yes! Nash global team do meet several times a year to work and play in person — this gives them the opportunity to build meaningful relationships.

If I whetted your appetite, find out if Nash open positions are still available and join this amazing family!

In digital age, information is money! Nash blog is an information-rich portal you don’t wanna miss, from Nash first partnership with Red Pulse to post public offering, and the rest is just a beginning of a revolutionary journey of Nash innovative non-custodial platform as we know it today!

Nash simply makes decentralization a breathtaking! Honestly, I wish to say the same to other decentralized systems. Of course, I understand there’s still lots of work to be done in this space but this is a huge feat.

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”

— William Gibson

If you want to follow through with Nash revolutionary journey or want to start taking control of your digital assets — simply use the links below to get started.



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