Home Token changes the game for the student housing market

Moving abroad for studies can be beautiful if well managed. But finding suitable and affordable accommodation in a foreign land may not always be easy though. Which is the most essential part of the process when moving abroad for studies.

The struggle for student affordable accommodation is on the rise against government and rentier-capitalists who seek to monopolize the student housing market as seen in many protests around the world. Student accommodations are supposed to be affordable, convenient and easy to find. However, due to demand and scarcity, rentier-capitalists are taking advantage of the situation to rent to the highest bidder which keep the price skyrocketing. If you add the scammers then you’ve got a very terrible environment for these young students and their love ones.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, governments and universities should do better. While those entities show no signs of intervention, we seem to have a sustainable solution coming through the marketplace though.

HOM Token is positioning to change all that and it will be a matter of time before the legacy system catches up with this new Libertarian idea made possible by the Blockchain Revolutionary Technologies.

HOM Token is a centralized student rental marketplace where global students can easily locate convenient and affordable student-oriented accommodation from a variety of properties listed by eligible third-parties and the properties acquired and managed by HOMT Ltd — the parent company of HOM Token. HOM Token uses blockchain smart contracts to execute orders and payments in other to eliminate intermediaries to mitigate the rising cost and to ensure comfortable homes suited for students.

HOMT LTD is prominent property acquisition, development and distribution organization with attention on universal asset management — legalized by provincial and trusted by the worldwide commercial experts.

HOM Token aims to democratize the student housing investment market by digitizing student housing property, to offer university students and investors the chance to invest in digital tokens that represents a tokenized students real estate. Investors can buy any quantity of tokenized commodities starting at $0.25, this is a very unique opportunity for students, from leasing to own, to real estate business owner. Something very unthinkable with the traditional real estate investment models.

As the name suggests, HOM Token means “Home Ownership Token” which practically converts student rental expense into a fractional ownership of student’s rental accommodation made possible by HOMT real estate tokenization. The idea is to provide global students with the best housing experience packed with many advantages such as flexible rental payment, discount on rental accommodations, yearly bonus advantages and so much more.

The opportunities that come with tokenization throws the door open for small and medium investors. HOMT does not discriminate investing capital, meaning that student and investors of all shapes and size can invest in HOM Token with any amount in a complete transparent Blockchain system without the legacy issues, unlike the traditional real estate market where the entry for small investors is impossible.

That is because HOMT uses blockchain, AI, Big Data and Smart-contract to automate bureaucratic procedures which change the logic behind the legacy student housing investment market and establish new sustainable standards that benefit students, property owners, small and medium investors.

HOMT is focused on what makes the platform useful to students and investors alike by leveraging blockchain as the underlying technology to build the base of the trustless ecosystem in real estate tokenization. HOMT is a mission to revolutionize the student housing market while creating high returns on investments — thanks to blockchain revolutionary tools. This is powerful for university students as it is, for homeowners and investors.

With just a few clicks student can easily find a suitable and affordable home away from their home and rent any room of their choice directly from their smartphone at discounted and affordable rates, plus full access to a variety of other essential products and services in the HOMT ecosystem and an upgraded student’s e-wallet which securely stores students tokens on the immutable ledger. We are living in an extraordinary time in history, these marks the first time global students will get the opportunity of converting rentals into a fractional ownership of student real estate.

Homeowners can quickly gain secure and direct access to the huge liquidity student rental market currently dominated by rentier capitalists and easily list their properties with the assurance of long term leasing made possible by HOMT real estate digitization via tokenization.

Unlike some crypto projects, HOM Token investor’s assets are fully secure and backed by real estate tokenized securities, with limited token supply for value appreciation. Every transaction is done in the blockchain trustless ecosystem in a completely transparent system with smart contract governance. You can easily transfer your token assets whenever and however you want — your investment, your tokens! No clearinghouse or the usual legacy issues.

HOMT business model presents great opportunities for students, homeowners and investors of all sizes and shapes.


HOM Token business concept is brilliant and very distinctive in crypto space and didn’t just present good opportunities to early investors but also a good cause to support for our future generations. This is one of the long-awaited solutions for the education industry that have seen little to no innovation in decades. HOMT is well-positioned to do more and take leadership in this industry as a mission to better the lives of our young students. The success of this project will empower the future of our young students who will have no fear moving abroad for studies knowing that student accommodation rates spike or scammers and cheaters are gone for good, and will focus instead on one thing only which is learning. And that my friends, is how you change the world, HOMT project is a good examplar.

As mentioned earlier, HOM Token is the digital currency of HOMT LTD — an ERC-20 based token, it represents fractional ownership of tokenized assets in HOMT ecosystem and can be used for the purpose of collateral finance and insurance. HOM Token is needed to transact in the HOMT ecosystem, it can be acquired through cryptocurrency exchanges and is already listed on Probit exchange. Don’t miss out on the IEO, find out if it’s still on-going using any of the links below:

Inspired by HOMT concept — Bitcointalk profile: c_okenwa

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