Assets Tokenization in DeFi World

Build and manage your own token

One of the major advancements and hot topics in the blockchain world is the concept of tokenization and DeFi. The idea of tokenization and DeFi could potentially disrupt the modern financial system.

So what actually tokenization is? What is the importance of Decentralized Finance? How could you create your token on the blockchain? Let’s discuss this in this brief guide!

What is Tokenization?

The concept of tokenization is not an old one. The traditional currency note in your wallet is a “token” that you are the owner of the value that currency holds. The modern form of tokenization is the digitalization of assets on the blockchain- A Digital representation of a real-world asset.

These tokens are created on blockchain and are issued using STOs, i.e., Security Token Offerings that anyone could purchase or trade. These tradable STOs could represent shares of a company, of a real estate asset, or could be used to invest in an asset!

Assets Tokenization in DeFi World

Tokenization of assets in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem paves the way and offers many opportunities for project owners and investors to benefit from the system.

If you want to introduce something new to the blockchain world, you could launch your project and sell digital tokens to a group of early investors. In this way, funding could be raised, and investors could even trade your assets to make profits. A win-win for both!

So what is the impact of Blockchain and DeFi on tokenization?
Blockchain is safe, secure, accessible, and records that exist on it cannot be tempered. This, combined with the DeFi ecosystem where a huge number of people could participate from any part of the world, makes a perfect combination to create a new financial ecosystem that solves many issues faced in the traditional financial system.

Benefits of Asset Tokenization

Many reasons make Asset Tokenization a favourable solution for the modern financial world.

One of the significant advantages of tokenization is the concept of fractional ownership. In traditional operations, you cannot purchase or own partial ownership of the real estate. In tokenization, you could buy fractional ownership of an asset. If the value of the asset increases, you will make profits according to the share you hold. In this way, tokenization opens up the way for new investors that could even include a college student who could not invest in complete real estate but wants to invest in a fraction of a complete asset or simply tokenize a student loan.

Student Coin — Build and Manage your Own Token

Imagine sitting on your computer, showcasing your innovation or project to the world, and getting the investment you need to kick start your work or take it to the next level. And if you’re a student in need of a student loan, you can create your own personal token to decentralize your student loan.

Well, this is exactly what you could do on Student Coin, a platform to create and sell tokens simply and easily as creating a social media profile. In a few clicks you could create custom tokens and can be used for crowdfunding, trading, governing, voting, or payments etc.

As ambitious as this project is (already over 500 universities in 30+ countries onboard), its native token STC is the backbone of the Student Coin ecosystem and the reference currency to every token ever created on the network — meaning that every holder of STC token holds multi-cryptocurrency in one token “STC token”. Which practically makes it a high value-added token to hodl, and there’s no other better time to get your hands on this gem than right now via the early-bird launchpad that’s ongoing, depending when you read these article.

Besides this Student Coin is a complete global educational platform to learn how you could make use of tokenization and join the growing worldwide community!

Want to learn more about Student Coin? Get started at!

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