Anon Inu Rug Pull was Disrupted

Anon Inu — AINU is fully back to business

Anon Inu — $AINU rug pull was disrupted by the project CMO (Joe) who stood up against his boss (a fake Anonymous hacktivist) to protect AINU investors.

For the record, “a CMO (chief marketing officer) is a C-level corporate executive responsible for activities in an organization that have to do with creating, communicating, and delivering offerings that have value for customers, clients, or business partners”. That’s exactly what Joe was doing, Joe was acting in that spirit — “delivering value to AINU holders” UNTIL he found out that his boss has other plans against the very community that Joe is trying to enrich with a true anonymous mindset.

In nutshell, after Joe revolts against the rug pull, he burned his serviced earned AINU tokens in washing his hands totally from the rug pull before stepping down and walk away — a clean man.

But not so fast said one AINU token holder who out of disbelief that an anonymous could do such a thing to fellow anonymous, she researched everything possible and went after Joe for further facts verifications but that ends up in-persuading Joe to return to the project in anticipation that Joe has all it takes to revive the project for the community since the owner no longer has control or power over the project because AINU smart contract ownership was publicly renounced.

So it was never intended to be owned or controlled by anyone just like Bitcoin but make no mistake, the owner might not have renounced ownership in the true spirit of Satoshi Nakomoto — I think he was simply playing “Mayer Amschel Rothschild” — the founder of the famous Rothschild banking dynasty who said: “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” So by being in possession of one wallet that holds 75% of AINU’s total supply (though locked till July 2022), he cared not about the ownership, the community can have that for all he cares.

But as the spirit of Anonymous would have it for AINU holders, Joe didn't return to the community with facts and experience alone, he returned with the AINU smart-contract “Seed Phrase” to completely salvage $AINU back to the community from the malicious Anon Inu formal boss (including the locked 75% of the total supply).

At this point, AINU holders must be socializing on moonlight singing Kumbayah?

Well, it depends who you ask, crypto communities are full of average minds these days, many won’t even bother doing their own research which is vital to an investor’s bottom line especially in the crypto space, as a result: the majority of the 18,000 AINU holders are yet aware ​that AINU’s dark days are overfollowing the return of Joe — now the CEO of Anon Inu – AINU by community choice.

In FUD oriented industry, you can imagine what crypto copycats media have people believing — some call it “the shortest rug pull in history”, undermining the fact that someone actually stood up and disrupt what was meant to be a progressive rug pull that would have destroyed many lives. Had this occurred in the traditional market Joe would have been all over the top news media around the world and perhaps a Nobel Peace Prize down the road. The point is, media choose to focus on the greedy act of one powerless idiot painting the picture of a scam project while ignoring the fact that Anon Inu — AINU is a community-driven project that deserves its fair stand in the marketplace without the unjustified scam tag.

Some of you have been briefed and some updated. Every community member is worth updating. Please spread this far and wide to reach all Anon Inu — AINU community members.

Please visit any of these AINU community portals for more information:

Website | Telegram | Discord | Twitter | Reddit

Disclosure: This is not a paid article and not a piece of investment advice.



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Chikwendu C Okenwa

Chikwendu C Okenwa

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