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One of the major advancements and hot topics in the blockchain world is the concept of tokenization and DeFi. The idea of tokenization and DeFi could potentially disrupt the modern financial system.

So what actually tokenization is? What is the importance of Decentralized Finance? How could you create your token on the blockchain? Let’s discuss this in this brief guide!

What is Tokenization?

The concept of tokenization is not an old one. The traditional currency note in your wallet is a “token” that you are the owner of the value that currency holds. …

MoonDeFi Automated Exchange

Bitcoin was introduced as a decentralized form of money, i.e., it can be sent to anyone from anyone without any central authority. When it comes to financial services, these are not limited to just money; instead, it includes services like loans, insurance, and saving plans e.t.c.

The traditional financial system is entirely centralized, where a bank, an institution, or a third party controls the financial procedures. Thus there could be issues of fraud, scams, or theft with the money.

Now the question is, what if there was a complete decentralized system that will offer traditional financial services but decentralized? This…

Moving abroad for studies can be beautiful if well managed. But finding suitable and affordable accommodation in a foreign land may not always be easy though. Which is the most essential part of the process when moving abroad for studies.

The struggle for student affordable accommodation is on the rise against government and rentier-capitalists who seek to monopolize the student housing market as seen in many protests around the world. Student accommodations are supposed to be affordable, convenient and easy to find. However, due to demand and scarcity, rentier-capitalists are taking advantage of the situation to rent to the highest…

Source: TerraCredit

Digital currency has made significant progress since the introduction of bitcoin back in 2009. However, it has been a constant struggle to breakthrough mainstream. While there are many valid stumbling blocks, the following two have the industry experts believed to be the most difficult barriers:

1. Digital currencies are complex for mainstream

Many believe that average people lack the knowledge and technical know-how needed in the blockchain and crypto industry. Be it booting up a decentralized application or sending transactions between persons, the whole process is never intuitive.

2. Digital currencies are difficult to use as money

In diverse places…

Albert Einstein says, “Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to maintain balance, you must keep moving”

The problem is, every one of these moves, generates data in a profound surveillance digital world which makes it impossible for people to maintain proper balance under the legacy system. Data plays a vital role in individuals’ well-being, any distortion of these data can distort the individuals’ life.

Our smart devices made it easier for us to use online resources like communication, research products, purchase items, and access banking services etc. However, every use of these systems is data in the making…

travel the world with EZY!

Travelling abroad can be fun or stressful, but it should be an exciting experience if well managed. Being in a foreign land may not always be easy though, eating, shopping, local sightseeing and searching intercom path of travel which can be spoil by underlines financial planning. Not to mention the risk of facing the financial challenges in a foreign land. Especially checks or cash conversions and even possibly cash quarantine, following the outbreak of COVID-19. But it doesn’t have to be that way, there has to be a better way and there’s a better way.

Don’t let all the technicality…

To invent is to innovate, with the advent of the internet we have broken centuries of information control by those in authority and set up platforms where ordinary people can freely communicate and seek out information on literally anything and everything without the usual gatekeepers.

The new era of the internet is blockchain internet — a revolutionary freedom tool deeply disruptive of the financial status quo. For centuries, we have been conditioned to think of money as something government and banks must control at considerable cost to ourselves. …

Thriving under quarantine: What Gaimin got to do with it.

It seems hard to judge what is still relevant to digest under quarantine, as the COVID-19 crisis changes our daily lives as we knew it and fills every news channels and social media. The reality is that we’re currently under constant exposure to anxiety in essence hypnotized. A model recently shared by the White House officials shows that more than 2.2 …

Since the creation of the Pundi X ecosystem back in 2017, the team has been working tirelessly to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency to the global audience in such a way that has never been seen elsewhere in this space. What kept them delivering is, of course, a well-conceived idea and a fertile ground rayed out by its founders, to nurture this idea.

My mentor Jim Rohn throughout his lifetime has requoted many powerful quotes but this one comes to mind. “There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come” — by Victor Hugo.

While some startup in the…

Image by Molly Roselee from Pixabay

For ages, arts have influenced human society for more than its aesthetic values due to its store of value attributes. Like every other store of value in the marketplace, elitist and greed open doors for counterfeits and robbery. It’s a well-known fact that even a handful of fraudsters can boom any market with new investors due to their get rich-quick-scheme skills.

The problem is, these new entrants were not attracted to the industry for the right reasons, the end results are, of course, bad experience and mistrust, recking every industry they touched! In the case of the art market, lack…

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Author, Entrepreneur and Blockchain Enthusiast.

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